Code Of Conduct


  • Do not send message to someone you are not interested in knowing
  • Remain calm and friendly around others
  • Carry out all conversation on the site till good rapport has been built with the other person.
  • Remain original, even in your imperfections.
  • Let our moderators be aware of any concern you may have.
  • Never respond harshly when you get rejected.
  • Never attempt to harass or get others provoked
  • Never allow anyone to abuse you
  • No modified, outdated or fake photo must be used
  • Never send spam messages on our platform.
  • No offence, lewd or rude manner is permitted.
  • Other people’s decisions and opinions must be respected.
  • You can get advice from our Customer care.

Safety Advice

We are here to direct you on how to engage in online dating in a safe way. With our guidance, you will be able to go into dating successfully and get all the fun possible out of your endeavour.
Nobody will ever ask you for any amount of money on Mature Dating Anyone who asks you for anything related to money is only attempting to scam you; you must put this in mind always. You must never give anyone your bank details for any reason while surfing our webspace. If you ever experience such thing, never hesitate to bring the matter to the notice of Action Fraud and they will deal with the issue as a matter of urgency.

    • While surfing our webspace for dating purpose, you must never be too quick to give your mobile or telephone number to anyone. Take some time to know the person before sharing any personal information. You must not hesitate to decline politely if anyone demands that you give him/her your number, especially if you do not know much about the person yet.
    • Do not let unwarranted behaviours go unreported. If you ever come by any rude person or you feel the person is suspicious, you should report the person without any delay whatsoever. Link up with the Customer Care agents on the site and get the matter reported immediately. Process involved in reporting is very simple and straightforward too.


    • Make sure your meetings are done in public places only. You must never attempt to meet anyone in private or secluded places, especially if you have just met them on Mature Dating. Public places, like cafe or bar will be the best place to meet people that you are encountering for the first time. Do not be in a haste to provide your home address or visit them at home until you have known them very well.
    • Make provision for your own transport on a first date. Never make the mistake of depending on your date to provide transportation for you. Never allow them to come pick you up at home if you are going out with them on a first date. It is better to board the tube, bus or train and meet them at the agreed public meeting point.


  • Let your friend know about the date. You should have a friend or two that you can trust around. Let them be fully aware of the date. Tell that trusted friend also abotr where the agreed public meeting place is. This is in your own interest and it will ensure your security.
  • Be online all through. This is better achieved if your phone is fully charged before going for the date.

You can contact our customer care 9am to 5pm on Monday through Friday. Moderators are however always available on the site.

Dating Safety Tips

The safety of our members means everything to us at Mature Dating Online. We understand that our members may get carried away when they meet someone on our platform that they fall in love with; it is normal for a new partner to seem like an angel to you and you may be compelled to let down your guard. While falling in love, we always advise our members never to lose their heads; yes, make sure you are security-conscious at all times; it is in your best interest.

We have done our part to ensure the safety and security of our clients, but we can only go this far; it is now left for our members to take responsibility for their security by being careful about how they communicate and how much information they reveal while chatting with anyone on our platform.

In this informative piece, we have provided certain hints that can help ensure your protection while you are on our platform. The information provided here is also helpful for offline dating. Even as you are considering the information, do not throw away your judgement.

Online safety

Do not give out money

Do not give money to anyone asking for such on our platform. Mature Dating Online is not a charity platform but a dating platform. Fraudsters and scammers are in the habit of doing this. These scammers would tell you to give them money to settle emergency financial situations. You may never hear from them again after giving them the money. If any of our registered members ever ask you for any financial assistance, never hesitate to report such a case to us via the Contact Us link on our website.

Keep your financial and personal information secure

Certain information should always be kept private; your personal and financial information are examples of such. Never reveal your home/work address, social security number, password or login details to anyone, especially if you have not met these individuals before or do not trust them. Also, never give your bank account information or credit card details to anyone for that matter.

We will never ask you for your password or login information at Mature Dating Online; always keep this in mind. Make sure you report to us immediately if anyone asks you for such details.

Do not communicate further with any suspicious person

Despite our effort to protect our members from fraudsters and scammers, it may be difficult to prevent them from registering on our platform since they may fake their identity. It is almost impossible, but can still occur; you may still meet one or two fraudulent individuals on our platform. To avoid falling into the traps of these questionable elements, we suggest that all communication should be limited to our platform until you have built trust with the individual.

When should you stop chatting with an individual?

When they try to sell any product or service to you or send you to spam messages

When they try luring you with sexual offers

When they send offensive or harassing messages to you

When they are minors pretending to be adults

Demand for money

Pressure you to share your financial or personal information

Stop the communication once the individual starts behaving suspiciously.

Offline safety

You need to play smart when meeting someone offline for the first time. Emotion should not be allowed to rule you during the first meetings. We at Mature Dating Online will not be there to protect you during offline meetings, but the tips below can help you a lot.

Do not rush

Avoid making hasty decisions during the first meetings consider the person’s behaviour properly before acting too familiar with the person. Never be afraid to ask questions about the person.

First meeting should not take place in a private place

It is better to start the dating appointment in well-populated areas since such places are safe. Do not forget that you are meeting this person for the first time; do not meet them in private places until you can fully trust them.

Let your friends know about where you are going

Telling your friends will ensure your safety. If anything goes wrong, it will not be difficult to trace your movement

Avoid alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are not entirely safe for you; intoxication can make you lose your self-control, which will expose you to all sorts of dangers. So, avoid taking alcoholic during the first meetings

Go with your transport

It is safer to go down to the agreed meeting place in your transport. You will expose yourself to risks if you ask to be picked up or taken back home by the person.

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